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Our Products

Haven Foods scours the world to find unique, committed suppliers who produce top-notch seafood products for fresh and frozen distribution to the United States. We have a robust network spanning major seafood-production regions on multiple continents, and we strive to connect our customers with suppliers that fit their distinctive business needs.


Haven Foods sources the finest quality shrimp from around the world. Whether you need extra-large shrimp for the grill or small shrimp for a salad, Haven Foods has many options for the home chef. Sauce ‘em, toss ‘em, and serve ‘em up. Our shrimp will stand out in any meal.


Our tilapia are grown in the pristine waters of Ecuador and Brazil. They are exceptional. You will see and taste the difference with these exceptionally grown Tilapia. Whether grilled, sautéed, or fried, Tilapia fillets are versatile and easy to cook. Tilapia has a flakey texture and fresh taste loved by the home chef.


Swai, also known as Pangasius, is a delicate, white, mild-tasting fish that easily takes on the flavors of your favorite seafood recipes.  Our swai are farmed and processed responsibly. Hand filleted and individually frozen to preserve quality, these fillets are recipe-ready, easy to use, and enjoyable to eat.

Value-added products

Haven Foods has established partnerships with domestic and international creators of high-quality specialty products. We apply the same standards of ethical and traceable sourcing that we apply to our seafood products to all ingredients used in our products. We take pride in creating unique, fun, and nutritious items. Our products make life easier, and we have solutions for all occasions. We strive to create innovative, flavorful, and on-trend items that bring a smile to customers.

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