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How We Source

Not all seafood products are produced equally.  It is our job to bring you the highest-quality responsibly grown and processed shrimp, fish, and value-added products that we find around the world. Having passion for what we and all our partners do makes our work a labor of love.  It is not just a job; it is our mission and joy to bring these products to you.


Brood Stock/ Hatcheries

Genetics play a major role in the overall health of shrimp, and this starts with proper breeding. Our farmer partners aim to select disease-resistant, fast growing, and great tasting strains. NGOs and industry partners across the world are constantly iterating on successful genetic lineages, and we make sure that our farmer partners have access to the best information on advances in this space.


What our farmer partners feed shrimp impacts their health, growth, and flavor. Our farmers fine-tune their feeding based on shrimp eating habits, often integrating advanced technology into the ponds to support efficient feeding cycles. They use quality, nutritious feed with fully traceable ingredients.


Pond location is one of the most important decisions a farm owner make.  Access to and maintaining clean water necessary to produce delicious shrimp.

Clean processing

We work with processors around the world who make quality a priority and take pride in aligning with sustainability initiatives to ensure that high-quality seafood will be around for future generations.

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